Why Therapy?

Many times, someone exploring the idea of therapy is experiencing a difficulty in their life, and is unsure if they could use help dealing with it.

Just by asking the question, “Do I need therapy?” that person has already taken a big step by seeking out help.

Admitting that we are struggling with a challenge requires self-knowledge and bravery. That means that anyone who has found their way to this site is already on the way to improving their situation — through their own actions.

There are many reasons people look for a psychotherapist or counselor. Some are specific reasons, like depression, or loneliness, or wanting to feel more alive. Some people are feeling stuck, or in a rut; others are trying to find meaning or purpose in their lives. Often they may be in the middle of a crisis in a relationship, or experiencing a loss — whether that be a loss of job or of a loved one.

When faced alone, these difficulties can seem insurmountable. But everyone has the capacity to grow and develop the ability to cope with and overcome these challenges. My role as a therapist is to empower individuals by helping them to identify and remove obstacles to their growth, so that they can find their way toward a happier and more fulfilled life.